Hello everyone, My name is Grace Gallacher and I am the new Chair of the committee.

I am currently finishing up my PhD journey and I am passionate about helping others on their journey. I believe the PhD can be a very lonely and isolating journey, especially in the times of Covid-19 and current lockdowns. I am very aware that many postgraduates will have started their journey virtually and will have not experienced that physical connection with their department, peers, research or supervisors as yet. I hope we can build an inclusive network where we can support each other to flourish and grow. This support can take many forms and I am really keen to hear from you about what support you need so that we as a committee can provide this.

I would be grateful if you could just fill in this short form (it will take around 1 minute) about what you want from the committee which can be accessed via the link or via the scan code

I would just like to finish up by saying that I cannot wait to get to know you all and hopefully make this year an enjoyable and successful one for us all.

If you would like to contact me I am available via email: g.gallacher@leedstrinity.ac.uk or via twitter @grace_gallacher or @BSCPG1

Thank you for your time,

best wishes


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