Meet the Postgrad Committee – Lottie Herriott

Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte [Lottie] Herriott and I am the new Event Co-ordinator for the BSC Postgraduate Committee.

I am currently in the final few months (I hope) of my PhD journey and it’s great to have been a part of the BSC postgraduate community throughout my doctoral studies. As a Committee we’re all aware of how tiring and often isolating the process of doing a PhD can be, especially at the moment where we can’t meet up and hold in person events. So whilst it may be on Teams or Zoom for now, I believe that it’s more valuable than ever to be a part of the wider BSC postgraduate community. Whether it’s just to chat with peers, build networks or to get advice on all things PGR, ultimately we’re here to build that network and support each other, so please do get involved.

So a little bit about me: I am in the final year of my PhD research at Anglia Ruskin University and I am hoping to submit this September (fingers crossed!). My research interest lies within criminal justice responses to sexual violence and my PhD project has explored the impact of sexual history evidence on mock jury deliberations in rape trials.

As I’m sure many of you will have experienced, my doctoral journey hasn’t quite gone to plan since Covid-19 hit the world and I ended up having to change my entire data collection to online. Alongside that *minor* hurdle, trying to get teaching experience, publishing articles and seeking to build an all-round great CV; I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the PGR journey is pretty crazy at times and no-one else really seems to ‘get it’ so it’s great to be in touch with other PGRs going through the same thing.

In terms of my post-graduate journey, it’s essentially just been a long slog at full time education for me.  I studied Law at the University of Sheffield from 2013-16 with the aim of eventually becoming a barrister. Then as I progressed through my degree and started studying topics relating to gender and crime, I started to consider actually choosing to do a dissertation (it was an optional module in my course). With a little encouragement from tutors, I chose to do a dissertation (all my friends thought I was mad), and wrote about the criminalisation of forced marriage in England and Wales. Loving that, I decided to do yet more full-time education in the form of a masters in Woman and Child Abuse at London Metropolitan University. I undertook court observation research to examine how rape myths were constructed in the adversarial legal system. Whilst doing my masters, my PhD studentship was then advertised at Anglia Ruskin University and the project looked absolutely great. So I applied, and here I am today! As much as it’s been tough at times, I’ve loved my PhD and would recommend anyone considering it, to take that plunge!

And for everyone reading this, come along to our events, get involved and surround yourself with our amazing BSC PGR cohort!

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