Join Our Happy Hour!

Every month we hold an informal networking session for postgrad students. The next one is Monday 19th July at 7pm – come along and get to know the BSC Postgrad Committee and other fellow criminology postgrads.

Of course, I say ‘every month’ as if this is a long running thing. The truth is that it isn’t. Yet, at least. We held our first session on 21st June and spent some time introducing ourselves, chatting about how we’re getting on with our PhDs, how the lockdowns have affected our studies, and what we’re working on, etc. I like to think that everyone who came found it a fun and useful experience – in any case, everyone agreed we should aim to do one every month, and as it was the penultimate Monday of the month, we’re going to go with that for now. Which makes the next one Monday 19th July…

We talked about what we might like to cover in future sessions, and ideas included a CV clinic, applying for research bids, applying for ethical approval, mock interviews and vivas, nurturing your relationship with your supervisors, and presenting draft conference papers (or our research in general) for feedback. We want to keep the sessions informal and there’s never going to be any pressure to present or share more than you’d like to. We want to create an inclusive, social, and supportive space that allows postgrads to develop in their studies and careers, so it’ll be up to you whether you want to actively participate or just come and watch/chat.

There isn’t a specific theme for the next meeting, so by all means come along with more suggestions about how you want to shape these sessions in the future. Or just bring a drink, have a chat, and get to know some other criminology postgrads.

Finally, click here for the all important link to register for the event. I, and the rest of the BSC Postgrad Committee, look forward to seeing you there!


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